Involved in designing, fabricating, manufacturing and supply of a wide range of products that deals in water purification for industrial, commercial and domestic applications...



Below, we summarise our products and services so as to give you a better picture of our experience and capabilities.

  1. Supply water treatment plants producing various water qualities for :-
    1. Haemodialysis items
    2. Electronic industries standard
    3. Deionized water for batteries, laboratories, etc.
    4. Portable water that meets W.H.O. standards for hotels, camp sites, food processing industries and domestic water supply.
  2. Water Treatment by ion exchange and reverse osmosis desalination of brackish water and sea water to product water quality as in (1).
  3. Pure Water Treatment for industrial process:-
    1. Electro plating industries.
    2. Food processing industries.
    3. Electronic industries standards.
    4. Textile industries.
    5. Edible Oil industries.
  4. Survey and Consultancy - Laboratory analysis, flow evaluation and assessment of customers' problems to design and construct water purification or treatment plants.
  5. Consumable Haemodialysis items, pharmaceutical, medical and surgical products, chemicals and solutions.
  6. Manufacture and supply of Home Care products such as liquid detergents, dish wash, floor cleaners, fabric softeners, etc.
  7. Manufacture and supply of Cosmetic products and supply of raw materials for cosmetic manufacturers.



Our technical division consists of qualified and experienced staff who have vast experience in every aspect of water treatment such as designing, fabrication and manufacturing of water and waste water treatment plants for industrial, medical and commercial application.


Our experienced sales and marketing personnel provides good services to our clients and look after their requirements. Under our motto “Committed to serve you better”, you can be assured of our undivided attention.